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About Us

Australia’s choice for bolts, nuts and stainless steel specialty fasteners

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Quality Assured Supplier

Specialised fasteners compliant with national and international standards

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Nuts and bolts must be combined to create strong equipment. Without the combination of the two it is near-impossible to produce a reliable product. What’s more, they must work together to ensure the finished product stays together and in the most reliable manner.

Prendergast Fasteners is one of Australia’s largest privately owned bolts and nuts manufacturers and suppliers. Central to Brisbane, this family owned and operated business, has its headquarters in Carrara on the Gold Coast. You can expect unmatched quality in our products alongside warm and helpful customer service.

Offering a comprehensive range of quality standard and specialty fasteners alongside a range of complementary engineering products, we are well equipped to serve your needs. We have extensive experience serving several building and engineering industries in Australia and have continued to set standards within the market with our top-notch service and timely delivery options. Learn more about our range of bolts, screws, nuts and other complementary products.

Prendergast Fasteners has established itself as a market leader. While we are the biggest fastener suppliers and manufacturers in Brisbane, we are recognised all over Australia for exceptional service, timely delivery, competitiveness and innovative solutions.

The Different Kinds of Nuts & Bolts in Brisbane


  • Carriage: These are designed to prevent turning post-installation and generally used with masonry and wood;
  • Flange: These serve as a washer component to distribute a load evenly;
  • Square head: These allow for easier installation through the facilitation of tooling gripping.


  • Coupling: This style is used to add length to an installation and contains a cylindrical design;
  • Hex: Hexagonally shaped, they are extremely versatile and come in a range of sub-styles for different applications;
  • Square: Long in shape, they help reduce the risk of loosening through increasing the fastener’s surface area.


Excellence in Customer Service

Prendergast Fasteners’ representatives are committed to their customers and are available onsite should you require assistance in product identification, ordering and customer service. We are committed to excellence in customer service and are constantly identifying opportunities for customers to maximise value through development and maintenance of operational efficiency. This is why our products have so many benefits, including stability, sturdiness and ultra-reliability.

Australian Fastener Suppliers

All products by Prendergast Fasteners, including anchor and square head bolts, metal thread screws and our specialty fasteners, can be supplied with letters of conformity specifying that the product is compliant with the relevant Australian standards. We are also able to provide mill certification, chemical analysis, and mechanical tests as required.

Looking for Efficient and Reliable Delivery Services

Our delivery service ensures that your purchases will reach you within two weeks after the order date. Learn more about our express delivery options should you require your purchases urgently.

Want Quality Product Suppliers Who Are Trusted All Over Australia

It’s imperative to choose trusted providers and we are the true experts in the field. As the top nuts and bolts manufacturers and suppliers in Brisbane, you can be sure your components meet Australian Standards. Phone us today on 1800 074 094 or contact us online.

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